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22 Days HD ~ countdown with style

4.2 ( 2832 ratings )
ユーティリティ ライフスタイル
開発者 Silvia Martinez
1.99 USD

22 Days HD is an app to help you remember those important dates in your life. Count down exactly how much time in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until your friends birthdays or other special events. Receive notifications for each event on the day and time you specify. Personalize your events with your own photos or from the included ones. It is not only the best way to remember all of your events but also the best looking one.

Named by Apple the best of the iPad Utilities category in App Store Rewind 2011

22 Days HD has also been featured on Apples New and Noteworthy, TUAW, AppAdvice, iSource, SmashApp, and other sites.


• Clean and simple interface.
22 Days HD features a beautiful graphical user interface that lets you view all of your events without any unnecessary distractions.

• Never forget another event!
Create as many events as you want. Set a reminder notification according to your needs, let the app remind you 2 or 3 days in advance so you can be prepared.

• Automatic holiday event creation.
Select between national or popular holidays and let 22 Days HD create events based on your geographic location.

• Personalize your events.
Associate images with your events, choose from your own photos or from the included ones for the most common events. If your iPad has a camera you can use it to capture the event image.

• Automatic event creation for contacts.
Create events and reminders for the birthdays of all your address book contacts. If your contacts have pictures associated, the app will automatically use them as the main image for the event. Dont worry if your contacts images are too small, when using automatic event creation for contacts you will get a nice birthday frame for their photo!

• Social Network integration.
Cant wait for an event? Share it with the world! Now when you are viewing a countdown double tap the event image and share the countdown on Twitter! Triple tap it to share on Facebook! Its that easy.

• Quick event selector.
Do you have a lot of events and find it difficult to find one? Dont worry, you can use the quick event selector! Simply tap and hold on either the days, months or years text and select the event from the list.

• Recurring events.
Do you have events that repeat on a yearly basis? 22 Days HD will keep track of them for you! Even notifications are regenerated yearly!

• Automatic event creation from ICS files.
Create single events from received ics files, when you receive a file of this type simply select on the appropriate program to open it in 22 Days HD.

• Easy to use.
To create an event drag the 22 Days logo to the right. To edit an event double tap its image. To delete an event simply triple tap its image.

• Quick user guide.
22 Days HD has an included quick user guide to help you get the most out of the app. To view it double tap the 22 Days logo.

• Retina display ready.


If you have questions or suggestions dont hesitate to get in touch through the site or through the twitter account @22daysapp.

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